Mountainspun Shetland Sheep, German, French, Giant Angora Rabbits, Fibers and Fiber Art Equipment; : and tools, books and videos. We are a closed Biosecure farm and as such admittance to our farm is prohibited: We are committed to raising Healthy, superior quality animals of exceptionally friendly
links to education about farm biosecurity : temperament. We ship fiber equipment UPS and US Mail only, reserved/purchased animals are picked up by appointment at public Meeting place in Jacksonville VT 0nly

VT Maple Mountainspun Farm Triangle Looms

Kiln Dried VT Maple Triangle Looms , durable, Wood Pegs, Made by a Weaver For Weavers. Comes with illustrated Instruction Booklet..

The MountainSpun Tri Loom is an Excellently Designed & Crafted Loom

Great for Begining or Experienced Weavers alike.

Mountainspun Tri Looms are Very Gentile on Handspun & Artesian Yarns.

-You wont waste an inch of yarn using the warp & weft as you go meathod!-

People with back or neck problems will find

the design of the Mountainspun Tri-Loom is surprisingly easy on their infirmities!

Our 6' Triangle Loom will Make roomy adult shawls, ruanas, ponchos, and coverlets. A 6 foot shawl with fringe uses only 450 yards of yarn! Each Loom is Hand rubbed for years of use.

2 foot triangle loom


2 Foot Triangle Loom $70.


3 Foot Triangle Loom


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6 foot triangle loom with stand

$300.00 U.S.

Loom Easily Assembles & Disassembles.

Adjustable Stand is Included with Purchase

of 6' Loom

Mountainspun Farm's

Own Weaving Tools

Made from VT Maple

Large Shed Stick

Sits Nicely in the 6 looms

to hold warp open for easy weaving.


Medium Shed Stick-Weaving Hook Combo tool (19")

Great to use with the 3,and 6' Looms

Acts as either a shed stick

or a yarn Grabbing Device

when slipped up thru warp $30

Small Maple Hood/Shed Stick (12")

Useful for all sizes of looms in corners where the large & medium tools are too long $25.00 Denim Carry Bag holds 6' loom, stand & room for yarns. 6' bag $30.   


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E Mail Email fiber arts eweporium at mountainspun farm

Finding your Way around the Farm

Mountainspun's Fibers and Equipment
VT Maple Triangle Looms, Drop Spindles, Louet Spinning Wheels, Drum Carders, Hand Carders, Mini Combs, Books, Videos, Fleece, Roving, ...
triangle loom details
more photos and descriptions on our triangle looms
Mountainspun's German Angora Rabbits (to good homes only, when available)
100% German Angora from Newly Imported Lines- the Wool Producers of the Angora!
Mountainspun's Angora Rabbit Cages for sale
Galvanized after welded cages made in USA, made with bunnies health and safety in mind. indoor and outdoor styles, transport cages too. bunny books, water bottles... we ship UPS.
Mountainspun's VT, organic fiber , yarn, fiber arts equipment for sale
exotic handspun yarns, organicly dyed, rovings more more more!
Mtnspun's show scheduel and list of Links
photos of us at shows and long list of links
More Mountainspun Farm Critter Photos

Mountainspun Shetland Sheep and Fiber Arts Studio

E Mail us your order info, and your full UPS address We are in Southern Vermont, United States Of America
Please note, we sell & ship to usa residents living in the usa only.

Mountainspun Shetland Sheep Farm Fibers and Equipment

P O Box 1002
Jacksonville , VT 05342
United States

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