Spinning, Weaving & Knitting Tools, Books, Videos & Fiber for sale

Made BY Mountainspun Farm and Fiber Studio 
Kiln Dried VT Maple and wood peg construction for snag free warping. 

Looms are Easy to use Easily transported to demos and guild meetings. Instructions Included.

This Loom is excellent for using with handspun exotic or wool yarns.
No damaging stress on warp like w/harness-heddle style looms.
Loom can be warped and used as a traditional frame style loom 
or use the magic Warp and Weft as you go Method!

Make triangle shawls, blankets, rhuanas, ponchos & more! 

We offer Many size Looms.
Denim carry bags and Specialized Weaving Tools ala` Carte.
Mountainspun Looms are a cinch to take to 
demos, meetings & vacations! 

The Mountainspun Tri Loom 
is an Excellently Designed & Crafted Loom

Great for Beginning or Experienced Weavers alike. 
Mountainspun Tri Looms are Very Gentle
on Handspun & Artesian Yarns. 

You won't waste an inch of yarn
using the warp and weft as you go method! 

People with back or neck problems 
will find the design of the Mountainspun Tri-Loom 
is surprisingly easy on their infirmities! 

Our Tri-Loom is Perfect for Girl Scout, 4-H, FFA, Church & Grange Project Fundraisers.  Easily Pays for itself with the sale of just one beautiful Shawl! 

Loom Pricing Information:

*Pricing subject to change without notice
2 Foot Triangle Loom WOOD PEGS $70. & S/h/i 3 Foot Triangle Loom " " $90. & S/h/i 6 Foot Triangle Loom (nails) $275. "- currently sold out 8/18/04- OUR 6 Foot Looms Easily Assemble & Disassemble. Adjustable Stand is Included with Purchase of 6' Looms. The 6' Looms & Stands Disassemble to Approximately 5-6' Long X 5" Across X 3" High. Mountainspun Farm's Own Weaving Tools are Made from VT Maple Large Shed Stick Used with the 6 & 7'looms to hold warp open for easy weaving. $35. Medium Shed Stick-Weaving Hook Combo tool (19")use with 3,6 and 7' Looms : Acts as either a shed stick or a yarn Grabbing Device when slipped up thru warp $30. Small Maple Hood/Shed Stick (12") Useful for all sizes of looms in corners where the large & medium tools are too long $25. Denim Bag holds loom, stand & room for yarns.6' bag $30.,7' bag $35. HINT: Save your Small Size loom 'swatches' to crochet together for "memory Quilts" of all of your shawls. A Great Reference for Re-creating Shawls at a later time(after you have sold or given away the originals). Please Note: When You e-mail Me for Pricing Confirmation, Availability, and Shipping quote include your UPS delivery address (No P.O. Boxes Please) Self paced private Lessons Given by BFA with 25+ years fiber arts experience are available if you Live Nearby or Plan a Visit Whitingham VT. Please email us to Schedule Lessons. Contact Mountainspun Shetland Sheep Farm
.......3' Loom with Tri-weaving in progress...... Vermont Organic Fibers from Our own Lovable Happy Fiber Critters!

Exquisite Handspun Yarns For your Knitting Pleasure


Spun from Vermont Organic and Naturally dyed Fibers Including:
Angora Rabbit, Llama, Alpaca, Mohair,
Various Breeds of Sheep Wool, Linen,
Soy Silk and Others also Exotic Blends  
Please Email me for List of Handspun Yarns now Available. 

I can Create 'CUSTOM' Hand Spun Yarns from YOUR Wool,Llama,Alpaca,Dog
Email for terms, availability, prices

Exceptionally Clean Shetland Sheep Fleeces

email for prices

White Roving from Romney Lambs Natural Color, Very Clean, Lovely fiber it Spins itself ! Sale $18 per OZ, by the pound.

White German Angora Rabbit Prime Fiber $6. per oz 8oz. min. $5. per oz per 16 Oz min. Our German angora Fibers are 3-6 " long when harvested Great for spinning 100% Angora Yarns or for Blending with our Wonderful Shetland Fleece!

For current availability On roving, Fleece, Angora Prime, or handspun Yarn and to place your order

Mountainspun Fiber Studio
*SHIPPING IS ADDITIONAL ON ALL ITEMS* Some of the larger items will be shipped UPS and will require calculation of shipping charges AFTER the order is placed. Please bear with us and this limitation of our ordering system.

Mountain Spun Farm's PVC Niddy Noddys

  Our PVC Niddy Noddy's Are Awesome!!!
  One Time Around = 1.5 Yards of yarn.
 * Skeining your finished yarns
 * Setting Twist:
   Wash skein right on Niddy, Let yarn dry on niddy & automatically set twist!

 * Dye yarns on our PVC Niddy , Dye wont harm it! 
    Rinse & dry yarn w/out removing.

* Great for rainbow dying 
  just skein yarn- leave it on Niddy, twist Niddy flat 
  Lay in dying tray, Apply colors, Place in oven to set!!!

  Priced affordably at $12 each  


Mountainspun Fiber Studio
*SHIPPING IS ADDITIONAL ON ALL ITEMS* Some of the larger items will be shipped UPS and will require calculation of shipping charges AFTER the order is placed. Please bear with us and this limitation of our ordering system.

Mountainspun's Fibers and Equipment
VT Maple Triangle Looms, Hand Crafted Drop Spindles, Spinning Wheels, Drum Carders, Hand Carders, Mini Combs, Books, Videos, Fleece, Roving, ...

triangle loom details
more photos and descriptions on our triangle looms

Mountainspun's-Love Your Buns' German Angora Rabbits (to good homes only, when available)
100% German Angora from Newly Imported Lines- the Wool Producers of the Angora!

Mountainspun's Angora Rabbit Cages for sale
galvanized after welded cages made in USA, made with bunnies health and safety in mind. Indoor and outdoor styles, transport cages too. Bunny books, water bottles... we ship UPS.

Mountainspun's Shetland Sheep , Llamas and other Fiber critters
View our animal photos!

Mtnspun's show schedule and list of Links
photos of us at shows and long list of links

More Mountainspun Farm Critter Photos

Mountainspun Shetland Sheep and Fiber Arts Studio

Studio Open Most Weekends- Email for Appointment

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Mountainspun Shetland Sheep Farm Fibers and Equipment

P O Box 1002
Jacksonville , VT 05342
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