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Welcome To Mountainspun Farm
Fiber Studio

Located in the Mt. Snow Valley Vermont USA

Mountainspun Farm is my dream come true!
Here in the beautiful mountains of southern Vermont is where I am most inspired.
I am most grateful to my Creator for allowing me to live here & raise these wonderful 
animals & to be able to create such works of art from their fibers.


Mountainspun Farm & Fiber Studio
Introduction to our farm, & who we are & what we do here, site directory located here.
Fiber Studio offerings
fibers, books, videos & spinning /weaving equipment
Come Visit Us
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***Photos of our Wonderful Animals***(new)
Click here to see our wonderful Shetland Sheep, Angora & Cashmere Goats, our Horse & more! .....................................
A Bit About Mountainspun Farm:

At Mountainspun Farm I raise Shetland & Romney Sheep, Angora Goats, Cashmere Goats, Angora Rabbits, Muscovy Ducks, Silkie Chickens, Turkeys, A Quarter Horse mare , several dogs & cats & even fostered a baby skunk a couple years back.

Right now the chain saws are buzzing outside & men are clearing away more room 
for pasture.  I am always rotating the electic fencing & sheep .
My Angora Rabbits are housed indoors , but the pasture animals must always be rotated.

My Grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a child...sweaters for dolls & such.
I put knitting away for many years until I discovered my love for weaving & handspinning my own yarn.
Now I knit as a way to show off my lovely hand spun yarns!

I also delight in teaching folks how to spin their own yarns , knit, weave & dye...
If you will be in the area & would like lessons during your visit, please email me with your request.

Please browse thru this web site & 
feel free to email me with any needs for fiber, animals,
&/or handcrafted items.

I am a member of the Local Farmer's Market & In the Summer You are welcome to attend the 
Market & shop our booth!  We offer handspun yarns, knit items, woven items, Handcrafted triangle 
Frame looms & angora rabbits when available.

If you are planning a visit to the Mount Snow area please email me about visiting us.

I look Forward To Seeing you soon!

Time To Feed The Sheep At Mountainspun Farm

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fibers, books, videos & spinning /weaving equipment

Mountainspun Farm & Fiber Studio
Mt. Snow Valley
United States of America

Shetland Lambs

'Nancy' Our AQHA Mare

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fibers, books, videos & spinning /weaving equipment