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Mountainspun Farm

Fiber Arts Supply Eweporium and Organic Fiber Critters

We offer 
100% Shetland Sheep and German, 
Giant and French Angora  
purebred pedigree bunnies.

We offer a large selection
of organic fibers and yarns 
(made here organicly from fibers 
produced by our animals) 
We also offer a full spectrum 
of fiber arts equipment.

We are NOW accepting reservation deposits
 on Beautiful Angora bunnys. 

We have rew (ruby eyed white) germans, 
and also some colored german hybrids, 
beautiful baby French Angora Bunnies
are also available.

All are wonderful non- matting 
luxury wool producing rabbits. 
Each of our bunnys is 
handled since birth
and well socialised.

We sometimes have angora
breeding pairs 
& trios for sale .
Please note: 

we do not ship 
or deliver our animals 
for their safety and health.

Sheep and Rabbits 
Are picked up
By appointment 
Here in southern vermont.

For availability of rabbits, 
Shetland sheep and fiber arts supplies 
please be sure to email us, Make sure you 
put sheep, angora, or fiber supplies in Subject line-
also include your name and UPS shipping address so we 
can figure your shipping et... thanks.
Contact Mountainspun Farm


Please email us to purchase shetland sheep, Angora Rabbits or Fiber Arts supplies.
Contact Mountainspun Farm

note: we do not ship animals, We gladly ship rabbit cages and fiber arts items


We offer the finest 
Fiber Art Supplies, 
Rabbit Cages, 
and Books


This is a skien of 100% Organic handspun Angora Raised here and spun here- We currently have some 2ply sport weight skiens available at $18. per oz. Since skiens are all handspun, they are various weights, buyer must buy entire skien. (example, if skien is 3 oz then at $18 per oz, that skien would cost $36.)

shipping, handling, insurance are additional on all orders. _We are not set up for customers to pickup items, We will ship your order to you._ We sell and ship to USA only, no shipping to Nigerea et... We specialize in the finest VT raised exotic fibers and handspun yarns. Vermont Organic Fibers from Our own Lovable Happy Fiber Critters!

Exquisite Handspun Yarns For your Knitting Pleasure

Spun from Vermont Organic and naturally dyed Fibers Including:
Angora rabbit, Llama, Alpaca, Mohair,
Various Breeds of Sheep Wool, Linen,
Soy Silk and Others also Exotic Blends  
Please Email me for List of Handspun Yarns now Available. 

I can Create 'CUSTOM' Hand Spun Yarns from YOUR Wool,Llama,Alpaca,Dog
Email for terms, availability, prices

We offer a Full line of fiberarts books, DVD's, 
and knitting patterns.  
Everything for the knitter, weaver, 
handspinner, wet and needle-felter.
Make sure you see our links to 
corresponding pages of our online catalog.

WE Ship all supply purchases.
-pre approved rabbit or sheep purchases by reservation only-
Animals are picked up here in southern vermont 
We do not ship animals.

Please add our site to your bookmarks.
Stop by often.

Our animal purchase policies-procedure:
If you would like to purchase one of our beautiful sheep or a pedigree 
Purebred German, Giant, or French Angora rabbit PLEASE be sure to email us
to check on availability, and purchase approval
 (We sell to approved homes Only).

Once the desired rabbit or sheep purchase is approved and confirmed available 
we request you cut/paste our reservation form, 
fill it out and mail it with deposit 
to hold Your rabbit (s) or sheep.

Once we receive your filled out reservation form and deposit is received, a 
Pick up appointment will be arranged (within 7 days). 
 Balance due is to be Paid in cash  at this time.  
(No checks, money orders or cc) 
*If our standard pickup appointment of 7 days from day of deposit doesn’t work 
for you we ask you to please notify us 
prior to sending deposit so we can agree 
at a time frame for your pickup appt.  
We gladly reserve/hold your rabbit(s) or sheep(s) 
once we receive the form filled out
 and the united states postal money order -deposit .  


Please email us to confirm rabbit
availability and to obtain purchase 
approval prior to sending Rabbit Reservation/deposit form to us, Thanks.

___________FORM STARTS HERE______________

 Mountainspun Farm's Bunny Deposit Contract 

Please fill out
and mail this form with 
required deposit to:

Mountainspun farm 
P O box 1002
jacksonville VT 05342

I am sending this deposit for the bunny(s) below: 

Breed :German Angora______  German Hybrid Angora____French angora___

color: __REW___or  , color (hybrids & french only)______________ 
Sex: _buck_____     or     doe    ______  doesnt matter__________

Total amount for bunny :
German's & Giants average 185-285 each, 
French average $100-175 each

price determined by us after weaning .
total amount of deposit: (is 50% of total or a min.$100 each)__________________ 

-Any remaining Amount is due in cash on pick up
 within 7 days for weaned /adults  or within 7 days of weaning 
(if you need other arrangements discuss this with us now please) 

Buyer's Information 
Name: ____________________________________ 
Address: __________________________________ (zip code)
Phone:H-_______________cell-______________w-  ________________ 
Email: ____________________________________ 

I understand by signing this contract that this deposit is non-refundable. 

I agree that I am of legal age (18 years or older)
and able to be tied to a legal contract.
Signature :________________________________ 
printed name_______________________
Date: ____________________________________ 

Please fill out this form
then print it out & send it in 
with your  non refundable deposit
in the form of a Money Order  
purchased at a United States Post Office.
We ONLY accept money orders bought at a USA Post office
 -No checks, no western union, no teller checks, 
no cashiers checks, just postal money orders.
Why just United states post office money orders?
United States Post Office Money orders
are federaly traceable Funds, 
They Can be cashed by us at the post office window
without a trip to our bank, 
(we are rural and that saves
us an hour+ in travel time)
Another benifit is when we cash them 
at the post office
we dont have our bank account funds 
frozen until your payment clears.


We accept Cash only on your balance due at your in- person pickup appointment.

CASH ONLY AT PICKUP APPT. ON BALANCE DUE, NO money orders,Credit cards or checks will be accepted

thank you. You will soon have your own some-BUNNY to love! _________________fORM ENDS HERE_______________________________ _____________________________________________________________


Our sheep, rabbits et,  
are kept at our private family home,
We do not permit visitors
to visit animals here.  

This is to protect our  
children and family 
from being victims of crimes 
and for the biosecurity of our animals
(prevention of biocontaminant infestations).  

If you wish to adopt/ purchase any of our beautiful,
friendly livestock, 
and we have approved your adoption/purchase,
we meet you with animal(s) in a well lit, 
local public place of our choosing.  

Thank you for understanding 
and accepting our choices 
that address the  primary concerns for the 
health and safety of our animals, 
children, family and home. 

What we offer here: organic critters, fiberarts supplies, and more.

Angora Rabbits, Shetland Sheep for show,wool,
companion FOR SALE BY Appointment 
with PICKUP HERE IN Southern VT , 
Animals are NOT SHIPPED.

ALL our critters get plenty of socialization!

All our Angora Rabbits are used to grooming, 
toenail clipping and other 
care/handling before they are even weaned! 

Bunnies pictured are only 6 weeks old, still nursing! 
These German Angora tame and sweet 
and they are selectively bred by us 
to produce large non matting wool producers. 

We have the newest 2006 imported German lines, 
also French angora, Giant Angora, 
and German Hybrid angora as available.  

We Are located in southern Vermont, 

Animal sales to approved buyers -  by appointment.   

All Rabbit purchases include pedigree
and how to groom and care for info.  
If you are new to angora
we will gladly show you how to groom
at time of purchase.
Lifetime Angora support for new "parents".  

Please email us if you wish to purchase shetland sheep, 
Angora Rabbits or Fiber Arts supplies or crafts.
*Contact Mountainspun Shetland Sheep Farm

When writing us Please put 'mountainspun farm's eweporium'
in the subject line.



We currently have some wonderful Shetland lambs!  
What a beautiful bunch of babies born this spring!!!

Many colors and wonderful sweet friendly temperments, 
Great body confirmations,
bred only from Rabbits exemplifying NASSA 
confirmation and winning show standards.  

Contact right away to reserve yours!   
Sheep by appointment to approved buyers.  
Be sure to put SHEEP in subject line, 
Please Include your name, farm name, 
location and tell us 
about your current flock.

When you write us
be sure to say how many sheep 
you wish to buy, ram or ewe, lamb, 
yearling or proven sire/dam.  
Sometimes starter flocks
 of 5-6 are available... 
Right now is a good time
to purchase as lambs
are weaning et...

***click here to contact Mountainspun Shetland Sheep Farm

click the above to go to our main page... 

Handspun Organic yarns, fleece, roving, 
angora fiber, full line of fiber arts tools, 
fiber arts books, livestock books, 
including books on sheep raising, 
goat keeping, llama care, rabbit care, 
and occasionaly a OOP copy of completley angora! 

We Have the following american quality products for sale:

feltmaking supplies, feltmaking kits, 
organic dyed natural roving,
fibers for spinning, 
and feltmaking, felting needles,
 needle holders, fusable fibers, 

fiber art videos, triangle looms, 
hazel rose looms, kundert spindles, 
wasserman spindles, VT spindles, 

rare and exotic wood frame looms
 in many shapes and sizes, 
patterns for knitters, 
limited edition handspun hand dyed yarns ...

dutch combs, mini combs, 
carders, hand cards, electric carder, 
pickers, dizzs, wheels,

looms, cashmere handspun then woven shawls,

handspun hand woven coverlettes, angora yarns... 

We offer much more than is shown here on our site. 

Please write and ask for what you want.  
We most likely have it or can get it for you.  

We sell and we ship to USA only, 
no foregn sales.  

We Love what we sell, literally!!!
Please email us to purchase shetland sheep, 
Angora Rabbits or Fiber Arts supplies or crafts.
Contact Mountainspun Shetland Sheep Farm

Everyone here speaks FIBER!



Biosecure means that under no circumstances 
Will our customers/visitors be permitted
Admittance here for any reason.

This policy is in place to ensure  
(Prevention of tracked in diseases)
 in regard to our livestock,.

Additionally due to the
Potentially dangerous nature the internet venue
Keeping our policy as NO VISITORS
Will hopefully ensure the 
Prevention of theft or other crimes, 
As well as enabling our family to enjoy 
Privacy here at our home.