Welcome to Mountainspun Farms German and French Angora Rabbitry aka: LOVE YOUR BUNS ANGORA


A Bit About me: I’ve Loved animals and had a houseful all my life.

I hold my BA in Fine Art Textile design

and have my Certification as a animal Care Management Specialist.

Raising Angora and exotic fiber animals

must have been my destiny! The best of two worlds!

Located in breathtaking Southern Vermont (MT Snow Valley),

Is Where the Finest German and French Angora Rabbits

Are Selectively Bred & Raised to A.R.B.A.

NARBC, and I.A.G.A.R.B. standards.

Having many A.R.B.A. Registered & Grand Champion Rabbits

in French, Giant and German Angora

Love your Buns Rabbitry is a Certified A.R.B.A. Rabbitry (American Rabbit Breeders Association,


Also belonging to the N.A.R.B.C.(National Angora Rabbit breeders Club), I.A.G.A.R.B.

(International Association German Angora Rabbit Breeders)

If you are interested in Rabbits for Show, Wool or Companionship then

Please Click this link to go to our current availability and bunny reservation page

please click the web address listed above for current rabbit availability information.

We Have the Finest in German Angora Available

Mtnspun's German Angora Baby Bunnies 
Mountainspun Farm's 
100% German Angora are 
From the Best Imported German Lines. 

Our rabbits have Excellent Temperaments  
and the Finest in Wool Yield/Production. 

After you buy your rabbit from us

The following is included:

-mini demo/lesson on

How to groom and care for your bunny.

- Life time Follow Up Q & A

and of course your bunnies Pedigree

and starter grain also Included

WE are Eager to Help You Pick Out

'Some Bunny to Love'

Our Rabbits and Bunnies are for Sale to Good Homes Only. If You Are Seeking availability and bunny Purchase Information from Us then

Please Click this link We are located in the southern vermont Western Ma border area,

near mt snow & Berkshire East ski resorts.

Rabbits are only available to approved buyers. The form on the above link

must be filled out and approved

by us prior to meeting with you.

We are a biosecure closed farm. We are NOT open for tours or in person Shopping. Please make your online selection, then email us your choices and UPS mailing address. Then we will get back to you via email with an invoice to include with your payment via snail mail. Your purchased items will be shipped to you Your reserved animals are picked up by appointment We thank you for your business… Your satisfaction is our priority

Love Your Buns Angora's TD- yearling buck...

Our animal purchase policies-procedure: If you would like to purchase one of our beautiful pedigree Purebred German, Giant, or French Angora Rabbit PLEASE be sure to email us to check on availability, and purchase approval (we sell to approved homes Only). Once the desired rabbit purchase is approved and confirmed available we request you cut/paste our reservation form, fill it out and mail it with deposit to hold Your rabbit. When we recieve your reservation and deposit a pick up appointment will be arranged (within 7 days). Any balance due is to be paid in cash only at this time. (No checks, money orders or cc) If our standard pickup appointment of 7 days from day of deposit doesn’t work for you we ask you to please notify us prior to sending deposit so we can agree ahead of time a time for your pickup appt. We Gladly reserve/hold your rabbit(s) or sheep(s) once we receive the form filled out and the united states postal money order -deposit . Reserved animals are picked up by advance appointment only. We thank you for your interest in our beautiful healthy animals. It is our hope we can continue to produce the best of the best for ourselves and to share with you all. If you are interested in Rabbits for Show, Wool or Companionship then

Please Click this link for updated availability and bunny reservation page Live far from us and thinking we would ship a rabbit to you? sorry, Under no circumstances do we ship rabbits. fly them, mail them et... so please do not even ask. We believe it is cruel and risky to rabbits health. End of discussion. Period. Email

We Raise French, German, German Hybrid and Giant Angora because We love the breed and Love the wonderful wool that they contribute to our Fiber Arts Creations. ----- ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Baby Bunnies Available Right now !!! French Angora in rew & colors, German hybrid in rew & colors German Angora bunnies(rew only) -------- German Angora only produce White or black Wool. Most Are ALBINO Rabbits (white wool, Ruby Eyes, No pigment) Giant Angora Produce white, black and colored wool. Their wool takes on dyes wonderfully, and adds great softness Luster, and Sheen to anything it is blended with. German Angora Fiber is wonderful Used alone, or in Yarns or Feltwork. I know from Personal experience Once you start with German Angora you WILL Become ADDICTED! A Love your Buns'/Mountainspun 10 month old German Angora (SHE IS NOT FOR SALE) Email
email us here at mountainspun farm

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thank you.

Mountainspun Farm and Fiber Arts Eweporium

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COMPLETELY ANGORA THE 2ND EDITION, 1996, PRINTED IN CANADA: O.O.P./ (Out of print for years now )- contact us for availability of brand new stowed away copy, average Price/IF available $225 - US Funds ( S/h/i VT tax additional cost as applicable.) (availability not promised) Please send me an email to place an order for this wonderful book.

New Books: * A practical beginning to successful rabbit raising $5.00 57pages, w/ photos, soft cover(sc) * Raising rabbits successfully; bob bennet $15.sc.192 pages w/ photos & illustrations * All the info you need to raise healthy rabbits $15.00 134pp SC 60 color photos + * Rabbits, a complete pet owner's manual , barrons pub. sc $10.00 ; 65 pp * Rabbits, by m. f. Roberts; sc. 80 pp 16 color photos $10.00 * Your Rabbit, A kids guide to raising and showing- Nancy searle; storey pub.$18.00 * Arba Presents: official guidebook to raising better rabbits sc, 192pp $12.00 * Hop to it; a guide to training your pet rabbit illustrations & over 50 color photos sc, $15.00 * House Rabbit Handbook; how to live with an urban rabbit, sc, $16.00 * Lop Rabbits as pets; sandy crook; HC; over 100+ color photos $30.00 * Angora Wool Ranching- w. Otto & HB burden, sc $15.00 * Otto's Angora's : Q & A's; SC $18.00 * All about Rabbits-HC. Howard hirschorn,98 pp, color photos throughout, $18.00 * Complete book on house training Rabbits, sc ST Perkan, $12.00 * Selecting and Raising Rabbits; Info Booklet sc, $5.00 * FRM Rabbit Care Guide large booklet/ pamphlet $4.00 * Rabbits : selection, housing, breeding, feeding, marketing, health, booklet sc, $5.00 PREVIOUSLY READ, (NON SMOKING HOME) * Rabbits, Paul Paradise; HC, selection, housing, breeding, feeding, health $10. lots of color photos throughout. * All about Rabbits- SC. Howard hirschorn,98 pp, color photos throughout, $9.00 * Guide to owning a rabbit: housing , feeding, breeding , health care, showing: Anne Lindsey. PB,65 pp tons of color full page photos. $12.00 * Basic Angora wool Farming ; sc Carl Nagel $16.00

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